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- Vaikunth’s reaction when he found out having sex with a child was against the law.

Vaikunth Soundarajan was a suspected predator that appeared on the Petaluma, California edition of To Catch A Predator.


Vaikunth, 26 years old at the time, began chatting with a girl he believed to be thirteen. He was a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and wanted to play out a fantasy with the girl where he would kidnap her from her room dressed as a pirate and take her away to have sex with her (statutory rape AND kidnapping, folks!).

He showed up to the sting house dressed normally and instead of whisking the girl away, he wanted to sit down and “see how it goes”. When Chris Hansen shows up, he starts cursing up a storm saying he fought with himself, but he still came. Hansen brings up a part in his conversation where he warns the girl about predators on the Internet...showing he’s become one of those weirdos. Vaikunth acted genuinely shocked when Chris told him what he was doing was illegal. Ignorance of the law being no excuse, he was still arrested. Soundarajan received three months in jail and three years probation. His RSO status was not lifetime, as he petitioned to be removed from the registry in 2017 and was successful.


  • The bag he brought with him contained eyepatches, hooks, and other fake pirate accessories.
  • Vaikunth still has his MySpace page up, apparently living in Tigard, OR (suburban Portland) now.
  • Is called a doppleganger to Deepak Bist by the TCaP fandom.