To Catch a Predator Wiki

Those that are into the fandom know that there is a sort of political stance you take on the people involved and the history of the show.  There are quite a few things and incidents that have happened over the years that have divided the fandom. I always try to be as objective as I can when I create a page or edit one.  That being said, here are my personal stances on a couple of the more touchy subjects in the TCaP fandom.

Chris Hansen - To put him into one category would be difficult and you would need to separate it into different eras because otherwise, old TCaP episodes would become unwatchable.  The Hansen I have seen 2015 - present is a desperate man trying to claw himself free of a ginomous debt and will use anyone or anything to get head above water.  Because of this, he has engaged in many morally reprehensible activities which I won't go into depth here, because there are many.  However, the Hansen we saw 2005-2007 gave us some of the best reality television ever.  Every word and reaction in those confrontations was real and raw.  It was informative and entertaining in the way that it caught a man redhanded trying to do something so disgusting that he deserved everything he got.  I will be grateful for THAT Chris Hansen.  The one we have now is a con man and a lowlife that I refuse to lift up based on things he did 15 years ago.  If you save a bus load of children last month, but snatch my bag of groceries last week, thank you for being a hero to those kids, but you're still guilty of larceny.  So I won't be calling him "Chris Handsome" , "The Master",, because he is not deserving of those titles NOW.

Stalking and Catfishing of Convicted Sex Offenders - People will tell you that a child molester, suspected or bonafide, is deserving of all the actions they get from people prank calling or doing things to disrupt their lives.  No matter what or how you believe on this subject, one thing is true... IT'S AGAINST THE LAW.  People using information online from sex offender registries to hunt down, troll, and harass registered sex offenders are committing a crime.  It is in the disclaimer you agree to when you first login to a sex offender database.  So even if you believe they deserve what they get from you or others, just don't do it.  All it takes is for one sex offender who knows his rights to get you arrested/fined/and a charge on your record.  The whole idea is that you are better than these people.  Two wrongs don't make a right.

I'm sure there are other divisive subjects amongst the TCaP community, but it's 3am, and I can't be made to think of them at the moment.  Peace.