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“You can come in! Hiiiiiiiiii!”

- Samantha inviting the predators in.

Samantha Cope was the female decoy involved in the Flagler Beach, Florida edition of To Catch A Predator.


An actress that would go on to have many television roles, Cope first started as a decoy on TCaP. Her interactions with the predators were not very involved as she would invite them in and then quickly announce she was going to the back to change as Chris would come out for the confrontation. A few times, she had to greet the predators on the beach with Chris emerging from behind the boardwalk after the predators made it to her. Her most memorable encounter during the Flagler Beach sting was with James “Hambubger” Wiles. She turned him on so much he began to practice his tongue action and tried rubbing himself hard over his jeans.

Post-Predator Acting/Personal Life[]

A member of SAG, Samantha found a modicum of success as a television actress and has been featured in series such as HBO's "Insecure", “Private”, "NCIS:Los Angeles”, and many more.[1] It is safe to say of all the decoys that branched out into acting after the show that Cope has found the most success.

On May 1, 2022, Cope married “Blossom” and “Brotherly Love” actor Joey Lawrence in an outdoor ceremony in Temecula, California.[2] The two met on the set of a movie called “My Husband’s Secret Brother” whist Lawrence was in the middle of a divorce. On January 16, 2023, the couple welcomed their first child, Dylan.[3]



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