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Ocean County, New Jersey (also known as Mantoloking, New Jersey) is the penultimate edition of the Dateline NBC program, To Catch a Predator..

Plot synopsis

28 men between the ages of 21 and 60 were arrested over a four day period at an upscale house on the Jersey Shore.

Notes & trivia

  • This marked the first decoy appearance of Casey Mauro, which included her both doing interviews for Dateline and doing voice work on the chatlogs.
  • The trap house that was being filmed in was worth $3.5m and was strictly a rental home as the owner (Casey’s grandmother) never lived there. The house would end up being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.[1]
  • Todd Lewis, a repeat offender, would travel six hours to the trap house. This was the longest trip a predator had taken for a sexual liason.
  • A majority of the offenders in the sting avoided jail time, receiving with a period of probation or lifetime probation and sex offender status.
  • This was the second time a beach sting was conducted during the series, with Flagler Beach, Florida being the first. This was, however, the first time the potential predators "had a seat" in this setting.

Predators and Personnel