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"Steewers and the Wavens!"

-Dupee's only honest answer of the night, after Hansen asked him who was playing that night.

John Michael Dupee is a convicted predator that contacted two decoys during the Fairfield, Connecticut sting, one called Brittany and the other Bailey. He claimed he was 30, but in reality he was 40 at the time of his confrontation.


Chat with Decoy

Dupee, a former package handler, chatted up “Bailey”, a girl he believed to be thirteen years old, on the Whisper app. Dupee was also chatting with another decoy using the name of “Brittany“.[1] During their texts and voice chats, it was established that John preferred the decoy to call him “Boo” while he primarily referred to the decoy as “Baby”. He actually began one of the calls featured on the show by saying, “Hey babeeee!” in a long and drawn out tone.

Hansen Vs Predator Interview

John Dupee bearing gifts (Snapple, Cheetos, and dark chocolate).

John Dupee bearing gifts (Snapple, Cheetos, and dark chocolate).

Dupee had his sister drop him off at the sting house without knowing why he was going. He arrived bearing gifts that Nellie refused to touch. He asked for a hug while holding his arms up way above his head, only to be denied, which cued the appearance of Chris Hansen. He was allegedly coming over to the house to watch a football game between the Steelers and the Ravens. However, Chris starts to read his text history from the Whisper app where he mentioned coming over to have dinner, showering with the teen, tossing the teen’s salad (aka Analingus), and spending the night. As his intentions were exposed, he became visibly worried and started sweating profusely. Dupee refused to own any of his sexual chat which said things like, “I want to be the first man to make you cum” and, “feel me inside you, baby”. Dupee’s defense of his chat was that there were no intentions meant by it, to which Hansen responded that it showed clear intent. Once done listening to Dupee’s excuses, Hansen reveals that he walked into a sting and tells him to leave through the garage. On the way out, Dupee compulsively opens every curtain he passes. One of the curtains he opened revealed the Fairfield Police hiding behind it, and they quickly and quietly arrested Dupee.

Behind the scenes

Dupee ended up pleading guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison with three to serve. During his interrogation, he continued to deny sexual intentions, only to annoy the police officers.[2] In court, he would receive raucous catcalls from other defendants during his sentencing.[3]

During his time in prison, Dupee's sister (Lindsay Dupee) and brother (Brandon Dupee) died due to a drunk driving accident, the same sister who drove him to the sting house.[4] Coincidentally, the accident occured at an intersection his sister crossed before to take John to the sting house. According to multiple news articles, Brandon was arrested for drunk driving and drug possession. He called Lindsay to post his bond. When she did, the police to both Linsday and Brandon that his license was suspended and he was not to drive. Brandon chose to drive and left the road at a high rate of speed, hitting a tree. Both were pronounced dead at the scene and had to be mechanically extricated.

Following his release from prison, Dupee ended up homeless and was last seen at a homeless shelter in Connecticut. His parents disowned him, and his current whereabouts are unknown. As of May 2022, the state of Connecticut sex offender registry lists him as being non compliant.


Dupee's all its glory.

  • John's last name was mispronounced by Chris Hansen. Hansen pronounced it as “dew-pay” when it is really pronounced as “dew-pee”. Chris corrects this mistake in the John Dupee episode of his "Predators I've Caught" podcast.
  • John has a son.
    • While being questioned at the station, he says, "I swear on my little boy-"
  • John is the second predator to have his sister drive him to the sting house, the first being David Schumacher.
  • Dupee has a tattoo on his left forearm that says, "Everything happens for a reason."
  • Chris compared Dupee's physique to a tall, skinny ghost. He also said that Dupee had a "Frankenstein-like" forehead and stance.
  • Sometime before his fatal car crash, John's brother had won the lottery.
  • Dupee had the longest phone chatlog of any of the suspected predators caught in Hansen vs Predator.
  • Brought Cheetos, Snapple brand tea, and a Cadbury brand chocolate for the decoy. He mistakenly referred to the Cheetos as "chips."
  • Has missing and damaged teeth which he constantly kept trying to hide from the decoy.
  • His shirt is a brand called Gino Green Global. Contrary to popular belief, the logos on his shirt are lower-case Gs, not 9s.
  • Hansen brings up Dupee talking about “salads,” which Dupee goes along with. However, screenshots of the conversation show this never took place. This could have been mentioned during the voice conversation, however.