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- responding to Hansen reading his chat of asking the decoy if she does anal. 

Jeffrey Douglas Stacy, also known as singletxguyforfun, was featured on the Greenville, Ohio investigation of the "To Catch a Predator" series. Jeff Stacy is one of the most famous predators in the entire series due to his iconic quotes and even more iconic voice.


Jeffrey Stacy was a 27 year old working in a deli during the time he chatted with the decoy named “Sadie”, a girl he believed was fifteen. Jeff initially lies about his age, saying he's 21. Even though the age has been stated, he immediately propositions her about swallowing his cum, meeting her at the house naked, ejaculating in her, and giving her cunnilingus the moment her saw her in her room and having anal sex with her, not knowing or caring if it hurt. He also sent naked pictures with the heads cut off representing them to be himself. Stacy was a "fast mover", only engaging in two short chat sessions with the decoy over a 24 hour period before making the hour and a half drive from Lebanon to Greenville.[1]


Interview with Chris Hansen

When Jeff entered the house, he was very low-key, seeming not to care that the decoy hadn't stripped naked and gone to wait for him on the bed as they had agreed in the chat. He was also unfazed when she said that she was going upstairs to change which further went against their agreed upon plans. As he waits, Jeff takes off his coat, revealing a stained sweater. Afterwards, he was confronted by Chris Hansen. When asked about what his plans were, Stacy offered nothing until Hansen began to read his chat log. Stacy tried to brush away asking the decoy if she was a cop by claiming to have had friends who were "druggies," who apparently told him law enforcement were obligated to tell whether or not they were police officers upon inquiry. When confronted with the nude photos he transmitted, he explains them away as "funny pictures". He claimed to have never read the age that the decoy gave him, saying that he "thought she was eighteen."

Stacy constantly assured that the whole ordeal was "fun and games" and "simply talking," claiming that "the internet and real life are two different things.", forgetting apparently that he had visited the decoy in real life. Finally telling Hansen that the whole ordeal was a "misunderstanding," he left after being told he was on Dateline. He was immediately arrested after exiting the house and asked the arresting officer if he could just shoot him. When asked about his age, Stacy replied, "21...I think".

Police Interrogation

Moments before Jeff Stacy tries to kill himself with a pen.

Moments before Jeff Stacy "tries" to kill himself with a pen.

During his following interrogation with the police, he pushed back passive aggressively against all of his claims of what he wanted to do with the investigators, saying he didn't pay attention to ages and the raunchy sexual requests were "just normal things". Then when being told he was going to jail, he panics and pleads and apologizes to the investigators that he really didn’t know the girl was fifteen. When the pleas are ignored, he goes into a profanity laced series of declarations about ending his own life, threatening to shoot himself, hang himself if he is put in jail, and slit his throat.

He also makes a halfhearted attempt to stab himself in the throat using a pen provided for the purpose of signing his statements. He would also express his desire for self-harm to any law enforcement official that was willing to hear, albeit falling on deaf ears.[2]

He pleaded not guilty and the case went to trial. He was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months in jail and Ohio sex offender registry as well as sex offender counseling.[3] Jeff was not a lifetime registrant and was removed from the sex offender registry in Ohio.


Jeff recently having turned his life around.

Jeff passed away sometime in February 2021, aged 41, of a drug overdose compounded by his obesity.[4] The exact date of Jeff's passing is currently unknown.

Jeff in a promotional shot for the Kung Fu school he taught at.

Behind the scenes

  • A notable trait of Stacy was his unusual voice. The pitch of his voice became even higher when under stress and suffering from a cold, as evident through his interviews.
  • It was discovered that Jeff was married in late 2018.
  • When he was arrested, he was found holding $1 and over twenty keys on a ring.
    • A police officer asked him on camera exactly why he was in possession of so many of the aforementioned keys, but Stacy refused to answer because he was going to kill himself anyway.
  • Stacy actually found employment as a child supervisor at a Kung Fu school and was featured on their website for two days before his picture was taken down. It’s unknown if he was let go due to feedback from the photos or was just not continued to be shown due to his past. However, it was shown through activities at the school that Stacy had participated and placed in a tournament, showing that he had been there for quite some time before being exposed.[5]
  • Stacy was epileptic. He mentioned this when he was initially arrested and again while being booked into jail.
  • Stacy's wife, Leann, was arrested in July of 2021 on two counts of arson, one count of burglary, one count of trespass, and one count of drug theft. However, some believe she was involved with Stacy's death in some way.


  • It's just talk, to me
  • I ask everybody all kinds of stuff. It's just talk [...] What's wrong with asking questions?
  •'s all I want. It's all I need.
  • I'll put a bullet right in my head and watch myself die
  • I'm really just gonna slit my fucking throat. No, I'm really just gonna kill myself. Put me in jail and I'll hang myself, I don't care
  • I ask that to everyone (Stacy's response to Hansen questioning why he asked if the decoy was a cop)
  • The i'nernet and real life are two different things. What I say on the i'nernet, doesn't mean that's how I really think!
  • Can I just be shot?
  • I'm not a child molester...