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"I thought you was wantin' to be shaved...down there."

-Dustin showing his desire to groom the decoy.

Dustin Jacob McPhetridge appeared on the Bowling Green, Kentucky investigation of To Catch a Predator. He is most known for his disability, as well as his outrageous demands while in prison.


Dustin McPhetridge was 26 when he arrived at the sting house with the hope of meeting a thirteen year old girl named "Laura" that he thought he was chatting with online. He had a twisted and sordid chat with the girl wanting to shave her privates, get her drunk and have rough anal sex with her. Dustin gave Laura a choice on where to put his sperm first (mouth, pussy, or ass). He also wanted her to wear a pair of panties for 2-3 days straight and then send them to him. He even sent a picture of a couple having sex. The icing on the cake was when he said that he wanted to have a threesome with her EIGHT year old sister. [1]

After a four hour drive, Dustin entered into the house with an electric razor and KY Jelly and tried to coax the decoy over to do all the things he had on his mind. He instead got to meet Chris Hansen. Dustin went right into victim mode blaming the girl for the situation, saying she led him on.

After his arrest, Dustin tries to garner sympathy ranging from his disability to his weight to getting bullied with Sgt. Dudinskie, the officer in charge of his interview. Dudinskie fires back with details of his chatlog that invalidated Dustin’s attempts at pity. [2]

He was sentenced to five years in prison for traveling across state lines to meet a minor for sex. He was also sentenced to eight years for possession of child pornography. The sentences ran concurrently but because Dustin wasn’t convicted on the CP charge until two years after his first conviction, he actually ended up with a ten year sentence.[3] Dustin was released on lifetime federal sex-offender probation and now helps to run a convenience store in Surgoinsville, Tennessee.

Behind the scenes

Dustin has cerebral palsy. He demonstrated before, during, and after the sting his devious behavior of using his disability to garner sympathy as well as escape trouble. Casey and the lead KBI investigator even said they felt sorry for Dustin when he saw him struggle to enter the house, but kept in mind his reason for showing up at the house was to molest a child.

Partway through serving his sentence, he wrote a letter to his convicting judge saying he had learned his lesson and requesting that he immediately be released from serving the remainder of his sentence. If his request was denied, in lieu of release, he requested a walk-in jacuzzi in his cell. Both requests were denied.

Dustin was scheduled to be back in court February 2020 due to probation violations, mainly failing his sex offender treatment program, subsequently being kicked out, and polygraph tests asking if he had viewed child pornography since his release. A series of continuances have been given due to Dustin's health, COVID-19 concerns, and scheduling conflicts.[4] Dustin was given yet another continuance September 2021 because his family had paid vacation plans. Recent photos show that Dustin uses a wheelchair. During examination of his counselor, he revealed that Dustin has spent the most time of any offender in the program because he either refuses to own the actions that led him to this point, or makes excuses on why he can't make any positive changes in his life. Dustin also gained the ire from his peers in his classes because they believed his rehabilitation to be a waste of time. Time that could be better invested in their recovery.[5]

Dustin’s next court appearance has been scheduled for August 2022. During the interim, Dustin sent a letter the judge involved in the case to be taken off probation, citing brain damage he supposedly incurred in 2017 from falling headfirst into a table and promising he would go to prison for life if he was charged with another sex offense and using having a supposed girlfriend as being sex offender treatment. He also asked to have his prohibition from the internet to be relaxed in order to learn skills to become a productive member of society and to make enough money to afford sex offender treatment as well as lower his cost of living.[6]

2022 Update

Dustin broke his probation when he was caught talking to a group of teenage girls in a video game store, and was brought back into court once again. He once again wrote a letter to the judge in March of 2022, complaining about his treatment and therapy, saying that he should be getting one-on-one therapy sessions instead of group therapy. He also mentions that he is out of money. He concludes the heartfelt letter with, "If I could access a gun, I'd end my suffering and kill myself." This clearly bothered the judge. The outcome of the court hearing was that although Dustin will not have to go back to prison, he must remain under court-supervised parole for the rest of his life, along with his lifetime RSO status.[7]

Chris Hansen found Dustin's phone number and gave him a call. Dustin answered the phone, and upon hearing Chris's voice, he exclaimed, "Don't call me!" and hung up the phone. Chris calls Dustin a second time, with Dustin threatening Chris by saying, "I told you not to call. No thank you, do not call me again or it will be harassment!" No further calls are made.


  • Dustin is one of the few predators to have interacted with Chris Hansen after his appearance on the program.
  • Dustin apparently "doesn't like lawyers", as he revealed in his police interrogation.
  • Dustin misunderstood Chris when he said he wasn't law enforcement and couldn't arrest him. Dustin thought Chris meant that no arrests were going to be made, which was obviously not the case. Dustin brings this up in his interrogation, saying that he wishes Chris didn't "lie" to him about him not going to be arrested.
  • Dustin requested during his bond hearing that he be placed in the custody of his mother. This request was denied.
  • He made a handful of wrestling DVDs for professional wrestler Ricky Morton. He lost all the digital footage when cops seized his computer since it also housed his collection of CP. He also ran Morton's website. In a now infamous article on the site made a couple of months before his arrest, he pleads with the wrestling community to donate to Morton's legal fees stemming from his arrest for non-payment of child support.
  • Ricky Morton references Dustin in an interview about the wrestling DVDs, calling him the "cripple boy". Right after, he talks about seeing Dustin on "the predator show".[8]
  • Despite his disability, he served the most time of all those caught in the Bowling Green sting. This is probably because he committed three different crimes in three different jurisdictions. His most serious was the federal crime of crossing states lines to commit crimes involving children.