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"I'm HERE to party!"

- Alonzo explaining why he brought copious amounts of alcohol to meet an underage girl.

Alonzo Hampton Wade was a suspected predator involved in the Greenville, Ohio edition of To Catch a Predator.


Alonzo was 40 years old at the time he began talking to a girl he believed to be fifteen years old with the screen name "bushsucksgrrl". He is a "fast mover" as his chat begins and ends on the same night as his confrontation and arrest. He starts off talking about drinking with the girl, but the conversation turns to sex after a verification call. The decoy asks if he will bring condoms, but says he won't need them because, "I am fixed".[1]

Alonzo shows up with a twelve pack of beer and two six-packs of Mike's Hard Lemonade. After he enters the house, he begins to unzip his fly, but gets interrupted by Chris Hansen. Alonzo explains that he only came to party and drink and didn't want to do it at home because his fifteen year old daughter was at his house with friends. He argues that he is a victim of circumstance because he knows the show is supposed to catch "pedofilers", but he isn't one because he only came over to drink. He, however, admits if she was willing and he was drunk enough he would maybe have sex, admitting his actions are wrong and he should go to jail over them, which is exactly what happens to him after threatening to sue Dateline while leaving the house with his large amount of alcohol he brought. When apprehended by police, one of the officers mention that they can smell the alcohol coming off of him indicating his previous gesture of unzipping his jeans was to relieve himself outside due to his previous drinking.

He ended up pleading no contest to the felony solicitation charge against him and served nine months in jail as well as having to register as a sex offender.


  • When Wade shows up to the house, Del uses the wrong voice when speaking to him. Wade showed up to meet a young girl, though Del used her "teenage boy" voice, potentially confusing Wade.
  • Post-Predator, Wade moved to Illinois, where he is on the state's sex offender list. [2]
  • He has four children. Their names are tattooed on his arm.[2]
  • He never sued the show despite claiming he would if they aired his segment.


  • (from chatlog) "I am fixed"
  • "Where are you?" (upon entering the sting house)
  • "My zipper came down, excuse me"
  • "Oh no no no no no, I don't do that. I got a 15 year old daughter, myself" (when asked if the alcohol was for the decoy)
  • "I'm HERE to party."
  • "All I want to do is party. You're trying to find a pedofiler, I'm not [one]"
  • "I SAID, what she like to drink d-did I say I was never WHAT I was gonna bring it."
  • "No. Well, it appears yes. Would I? No. Or maybe, alright. Maybe. MAYBE. Maybe. Maybe." (when pressed with the possibility of having sex with the underaged decoy)
    • Chris responds with, "What is it, Alonzo? Yes, no, maybe so?"
  • "And if you put this on the air, I'll sue." (while leaving the house)